Rescheduling due to pandemic

Dear Colleagues,

The organizing committee for the upcoming Joint Meeting of International Workshop on Detonation for Propulsion (IWDP) and International Constant Volume and Detonation Combustion Workshop (ICVDCW) has decided to delay our meeting. We do not make this decision easily, however we feel it is the primary objective of this meeting for us to meet in person. And with the surging numbers of cases internationally, within Europe, and in Germany, combined with the current uncertainty of the Omicron variant, we have decided that it will be better to revise our meeting schedule to a time and environment better suited to this goal.

I think we have all lost count of the number of times that our plans have been changed by this pandemic. It is our hope, however, that meeting in the end of summer will maximize our chances of having an in-person meeting, and will hopefully minimize conflicts with the diverse range of other international conferences planned for this coming summer. Much more so than trying to time the ending of this winter surge. Plus, it’s much nicer to meet in a beer garden in the summer than in March.

As such, here are a few key details for the revised meeting:

  • Date: August 15-19, 2022
  • We would like to thank those who have already submitted abstracts. We will be including them in the revised agenda. Please let us know if you need to withdraw your submitted abstract, otherwise we will carry them forward into the revised timeline.
  • Abstract submission will be reopened until March 31, 2022. Please consider submitting!
  • The webpage will be updated shortly. Please check back regularly for updates.

Best regards on behalf of the organizing committee


We are very excited to announce the first joint meeting of the International Workshop on Detonation for Propulsion (IWDP 2022) and the International Constant Volume and Detonation Combustion Workshop (ICVDCW 2022) to be held in Berlin, Germany during August 15-19, 2022, by the Technische Universität Berlin. On behalf of the Organizing Committees, we would like to welcome you to participate in the workshop.

The International Workshop on Detonation for Propulsion (IWDP) has successfully brought together scientists worldwide to exchange cutting-edge technical achievements and new ideas in detonation applications for aerospace propulsion.

The International Constant Volume and Detonation Combustion Workshop (ICVDCW) has facilitated discourse in the development of fundamental and practical topics in the areas of constant volume combustion, detonations, and pressure gain combustion.

Due to the unexpected complications from the global pandemic that we have all experienced within the past two years, it was decided to align these two events into a combined meeting. This first joint meeting will endeavor to unite the parallel research objectives in a forum to facilitate the discourse and exchange of ideas in these topics through discussion sessions, as well as highlight the latest developments in the areas of detonations, constant volume combustion, and their applications. In order to maximize the in-presence representation of our global participants from lands with diverse responses to the pandemic, this meeting is planned to occur in the late summer of 2022. Scientists, engineers and students in the relevant fields are welcomed to participate and present their research contributions in the workshop.


This joint meeting will cover a diverse range of topics that are representative of the two composite workshops, including:

  • New findings in detonation, CVC, PGC, and/or DDT physics from experimental and theoretical studies.

  • Analytical and computational methods of detonation or CV combustion processes.

  • Progress in experimental or numerical modelling in combustion and propulsion systems, including: rotating or pulsed detonation, CVC, pulsed jet, or other PGC or confined combustion devices.

  • Development of diagnostic and/or analytical techniques relevant to high- speed or unsteady reacting flows.

  • Combustor integration with turbomachinery and/or cooling systems

  • New concepts in detonative or CVC propulsion from sub-component to system levels

COVID-19 Pandemic

Given the uncertainty associated with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult to predict how travel and meeting restrictions will develop over the coming months. The current plan is to arrange for an in-person meeting, however circumstances may require changes to the meeting format and portions or all of the meeting may be held in a hybrid format. We ask your patience and understanding as we try to organize in this difficult environment. We will do our best to update this page with new information as it becomes available.

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